“The most ambitious Adventure of a lifetime”

To cross the Alps on foot and paragliding, 1000km, 28 days

To cross the Alps (without an engine)

This idea came to life in Ludovic Vulliemin’s mind one November morning in 2017.

To take off from Ljubljana in Slovenia and to walk/ fly to Monaco.

Only on foot or paragliding.

The checkpoints are clear, the deadline is set, but the road to get there…

impossible to foresee!

A 52-minute adventure film

It is a human adventure in the heart of Europe, between the sky and the earth.

Each day the mountaineer-hikers will need to progress on average 50km.

Between breath-taking landscapes, hazards, variable weather, euphoria and epic moments, this film will be the tale of two friends that nothing can separate.

To scale the 7 highest summits

To reach a summit is an indescribable sensation, an intense joy.

There are 7 countries to cross, so we will attempt to ascend their 7 highest summits.

Depending on the possible access points and the weather, we will choose a combination of walking, paragliding and mountaineering.


map europa




01 Triglav


Triglav - Slovenia

Particularity: As an iconic summit, it is part of the national flag!
Planned itinerary: Climb up the north face.
Difficulties: The limited equipment of the routes, the quality of the rock, north face 1000km high and wild environment.
Possibility of flying: No. But we could take off from the foot of the face to carry on with our crossing.
Altitude: 2 864 m.

02 Grossglockner


Grossglockner - Austria

Particularity: As the highest summit of the oriental Alps, it towers over all the surrounding mountains.
Planned itinerary: Mountaineering via the SW ridge, the Stüdlgrat.
Difficulties: Jams at key points.
Altitude: 3 798 m.

03 Zugspitze


Zugspitze - Germany

Particularity: On the German/Austrian border.
Planned itinerary: Walk and via ferrata on the western face.
Difficulties: To scale the via ferrata with our paragliders.
Possibility of flying: Lift off from the summit.
Altitude: 2 864 m.

04 Grauspitz


Grauspitz - Liechtenstein

Particularity: The least known of the 7 summits.
Planned itinerary: Walking path along the south ridge. If the weather is favourable we will fly to the summit.
Difficulties: None.
Possibility of flying: Lift off from the summit.
Altitude: 2 599 m.

05 Pointe Dufour


Pointe Dufour - Switzerland

Particularity: The culminating point of Mont Rose, facing the Cervin.
Planned itinerary: Normal route via Mont Rose’s cabin.
Difficulties: If the weather is unfavourable for flying, 3000m altitude difference!
Possibility of flying: At Silbersattel at 4 519 m.
Altitude: 4 634 m.

06 Mont-Blanc


Mont-Blanc - France

Location: At the border between France and Italy.
Particularity: One of the most well-known and iconic summits of the Alps, but above all, the highest.
Planned itinerary: Normal route from the Goûter refuge.
Difficulties: The altitude and if the weather is unfavourable, from Chamonix there is more than 3800m altitude difference.
Possibility of flying: Different possibilities for flying but with a limited air-space, particularly on the French mountainside.
Altitude: 4 810 m.

07 Mont-agel


Mont-agel - Monaco

Particularity: As the last summit before the sea, an impregnable view on the Mediterranean that is 1 148 m below.
Planned itinerary: Taking off from the summit is forbidden. But it is possible to take off from Mont Gros at 700m and to land on the beach at Golf Bleu in Rocquebrune.
Altitude: 1 148 m.

Do you like adventures? We too.

Nicolas Jacquod

24 years old, Echallens, Switzerland

Last summer, Nico crossed Switzerland in total autonomy in 4 days. This crossing required meticulous preparation and represented more than 150km of flying, 100km of walking and 10’000m positive elevation. 

In 3 years of flying, he has already acquired a level of experience well above the average.

Our two pilots are used to flying together.

They have the same approach to paragliding and mountaineering, share common values, know each other well and have already completed many long flights side by side.


Ludovic Vulliemin

34 years old, Salvan, Switzerland

Ludovic had already completed many mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas and North America. Always looking for new challenges, he spent more than 3 weeks canoeing on rivers in the depths of Canada and Mongolia in total autonomy. 

As the founder of this project, it is with a paraglider that he wants to surpass himself today.

With more than 250 annual flights he has acquired solid experience in long-distance flights and notably has recently started training to break the distance record in one day from Rochers-de-Naye, Montreux, Switzerland to Feldkirch in Austria, equivalent to over 200km.

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