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A local and ambitious project

Departure in
  • 52 minutes of professional video in your image
  • Planned audience :1 million spectators
  • Associate your image with our values : adventure, travel and authenticity
  • Participate in a “team building” day with your collaborators on the theme of paragliding
  • Private conference on “risk management”

Current sponsors

The concept

To cross the Alps (without an engine)

This idea came to life in Ludovic Vulliemin’s mind one November morning in 2017. To take off from Ljubljana in Slovenia and to walk/ fly to Monaco. Only on foot or paragliding. The checkpoints are clear, the deadline is set, but the road to get there… impossible to foresee!

Discover the itinerary

A 52-minute adventure film

It is a human adventure in the heart of Europe, between the sky and the earth.

Each day the mountaineer-hikers will need to progress on average 50km.

Between breath-taking landscapes, hazards, variable weather, euphoria and epic moments, this film will be the tale of two friends that nothing can separate.

To scale the 7 highest summits

To reach a summit is an indescribable sensation, an intense joy. There are 7 countries to cross, so we will attempt to ascend their 7 highest summits. Depending on the possible access points and the weather, we will choose a combination of walking, paragliding and mountaineering.

See the Summits

Contact : Ludovic Vulliemin, ludovic@flythealps.com +41 79 321 82 37



Most of these media platforms have already trusted us in the past. We are currently in contact with:


Facebook and Instagram Pages

  • Various public groups (sport, nature or travel) (240’000 Followers)
  • Paragliding Rock The Outdoor (13’100)
  • Les Ailes Du Léman (1’000)
  • Passe Montagne (6’800)
  • Our personal pages (3’300) 
  • Cross Country Magazine (53’100)
  • Club Alpin Suisse CAS (11’600)
  • Fédération française des clubs alpins et de montagne (13’800)

YouTube Channels

  • TV Mountain (16’400)
  • Trek TV (4’100)
  • Outdoor Adventures (16’000)
  • Chaîne Voyage (3’200)


  • Be Curious TV
  • RTS2
  • CANAL 9
  • 8 Mont-Blanc
  • Trek TV


  • FIFAD, Diablerets (400 personnes)
  • Montagne en scène, 40 villes en Europe (8000)
  • Champéry Film Festival, Champéry (100) Rencontres et découvertes des films de montagne, Genève
  • BANFF Festival, Canada
  • Rencontre du Cinéma de Montagne, Grenoble (5000)
  • Festival du film d’aventure, La Rochelle
  • Rencontre Cinémathèque Montagne, Gap (300)
  • Festival International du film de montagne, Autrans
  • Regards altitudes, Barcelonnette
  • Les rendez vous de l’aventure, Lons-Le-Saunier
  • Festival Escales Voyageuses, Avignon
  • Festival International du film aventure et découverte, Val D’Isère
  • Festival du Film d’Aventure de la Réunion, St-Gilles
  • Retours du Monde, Champsaur
  • Les Icares du Cinéma, St-Hilaire
  • Les Ecrans de l’Aventure, Dijon
  • Festival Image Montagne, Pau
  • Torello Mountain Film Festival, Torello


  • Glider (Tirage 18’000)
  • Magazine Club Alpin Suisse (110’000)
  • Cross Country Magazine (15’000)
  • 30° Magazine (16’500)
  • Parapente Mag (13’400)
  • Parapente+
  • Montagnes Magazine
  • Alpes Magazine (32’600)

The project’s founder

Ludovic Vulliemin

34 years old, Salvan, Switzerland

The mountains have always been my favourite playground. As a kid, I already invented expeditions.

With a finger on the world map, I traced the paths I travelled alongside the great explorers.

I was convinced that adventures with a big A were necessarily only lived on the other side of the globe.

After dozens of expeditions across the world, I am now convinced of the opposite.

The most ambitious Adventure of my life will happen just outside my window: in the Alps. To share this experience, I will bring along my best friend and a film production team. This is why I need you!

It is in the immensity of the sky and its majestic Alpine mountains that this project will be born. It will be called Fly the Alps.

Keep me informed